Tuesday, 14 January 2014


1. Dairy units including milk chilling units equipped to handle or process.
2. Vegetable oil processing units and units producing vegetable oil by the process of solvent extraction & refineries including oil expeller unit.
3. Slaughtering units.
4. Meat processing units.
5. All food processing units other than mentioned above including re-labellers & re-packers.
6. 100 % Export Oriented Units.
7. Importers importing food items including food ingredients and additives for commercial use.
8. Food business operators (FBOs) manufacturing any article of food containing ingredients or substances or using technologies or processes or combination thereof whose safety has not been established through these regulations or which do not have a history of safe use or food containing ingredients which are being introduced for the first time into the country. (They need to apply for product approval at FSSAI (HQ) separately before applying for license).

As per Regulation 2.1.2, no person shall commence any food business unless he possesses a valid license.
 All other FBO.

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